faeryreads’ 2019 Book Awards!

Happy 2020! Throughout 2019, I was thinking about creating some sort of end of the year extravaganza to kind of recap what I read in 2019, so I decided to create some awards! I kind of want to make this yearly tradition!

I've divided the awards into three categories:
- 2019 releases
- Best in Genres
- Other

I'm going keep my explanations for each book short because there are over 20 books that I gave awards to! I will have links to reviews in the descriptions where necessary. By the way, I picked these based solely on my opinion!

Favorite Series of 2019!

Series I Haven't Finished Yet I am in the middle of what feels like so many series! I think I am caught up with all current books in these series, other than The Stormlight Archive, but that will remedied soon! THE EMPIRIUM TRILOGY This is one series that I have a few mixed feelings about. [...]