Better Together by Christine Riccio

Jamie’s an aspiring standup comic in Los Angeles with a growing case of stage anxiety. Siri’s a stunning ballerina from New Jersey nursing a career-changing injury. They’ve both signed up for the same session at an off the grid Re-Discover Yourself Retreat in Colorado. When they run into each other, their worlds turn upside down. Jamie and Siri are sisters, torn apart at a young age by their parent's volatile divorce. They’ve grown up living completely separate lives: Jamie with their Dad and Siri with their Mom. Now, reunited after over a decade apart, they hatch a plot to switch places. It’s time they get to know and confront each of their estranged parents. With an accidental assist from some fortuitous magic, Jamie arrives in New Jersey, looking to all the world like Siri, and Siri steps off her flight sporting a Jamie glamour. The sisters unexpectedly find themselves stuck living in each other's shoes. Soon Siri's crushing on Jamie's best friend Dawn. Jamie's falling for the handsome New Yorker she keeps running into, Zarar. Alongside a parade of hijinks and budding romance, both girls work to navigate their broken family life and the stresses of impending adulthood.

You Should See Me In A Crown by Leah Johnson

After losing a scholarship that is her path to her dream college and life, Liz Lighty enters into the Prom Queen competition because winning offers a scholarship. She doesn't think she has a chance, because the town that she lives in is very white and very rich - the opposite of her. But then she starts to get to know the new girl, and the competition becomes bearable.

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

Camino lives in the Dominican Republic with her aunt, where her father visits every summer. Yahaira lives in New York City with her parents, and every year, her father goes to the Dominican Republic for business. When their father's flight crashes, Camino and Yahaira find out about each other. Not only do they have to grapple with the grief over their father's death, but also the hurt and betrayal that come with finding out that their father was lying.

Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Harley has dreamed of joining the circus as trapeze artist, but her parents, who own a circus, want her to go to college because they think she will be limiting herself if she commits to her dream. Tired of having them ignore her feelings, she runs away to join a rival circus. However, the price of her entry into this new troupe is betraying her family. When things don't go as she excepts, she has to face her dreams and the people she hurt.