My Favorite Romantic Relationships in Book Series!

I have come to a realization recently about what kind of relationships I enjoy in books and what feels memorable to me. I do love romance novels, but since they are usually one and done, I don't feel like I really have enough time to grow attached to the characters or the relationship. This means that they just aren't that memorable to me. I also love slow burns, and in a single book, I feel like there just isn't enough time to develop it and still have it be paced well. I also love situations that aren't necessarily romantic, but can show a strengthening bond between characters. This leaves me with my conclusion: I like romantic relationships from series that are not primarily romance.

Favorite Audiobook Resources!

Favorite Audiobook Resources!

Audiobooks are a fantastic thing for a ton of different reasons! My mom used to set my brother and I up with an audiobook on a long car ride and we would be occupied the entire time. These days, I will listen to an audiobook while doing chores or while laying in bed and playing on my phone. It is a great way to mix it up a little from reading physical books or to get some reading done while commuting, cleaning, or cooking.

2019 Releases Ranked!

I thought it would be interesting to rank all of the 2019 releases I read in order! I got this idea while watching a Daniel Greene video. I won't be going into any reasoning, partially because it's just based on feeling and partially because I read 52 releases from 2019!

faeryreads’ 2019 Book Awards!

Happy 2020! Throughout 2019, I was thinking about creating some sort of end of the year extravaganza to kind of recap what I read in 2019, so I decided to create some awards! I kind of want to make this yearly tradition!

I've divided the awards into three categories:
- 2019 releases
- Best in Genres
- Other

I'm going keep my explanations for each book short because there are over 20 books that I gave awards to! I will have links to reviews in the descriptions where necessary. By the way, I picked these based solely on my opinion!