The Struggles of a Mood Reader

I was packing for a vacation recently and I had such a hard time deciding which books to bring with me. What if I didn't want to read any of the books I brought? Then it hit me that this is such a mood reader problem! I am totally a mood reader and a lot of the time, it annoys me because I love schedules and order, but when it comes to reading, all bets are off. Here are some of the things I go through as a mood reader.

Checking in on My 2019 Reading Goals

I made a super informal list in a random notebook near the beginning of this year outlining my reading goals for the year. Since we have just about two months left of the year, I wanted to check in and see what goals I have reached and which I can try to do better on by the end of the year! Most of these are not super quantifiable, but I think I have a pretty good feeling on whether or not I think I could do better.

Cover Buys I Loved!

I know "don't judge a book by it's cover" is an age old saying, but I will be the first to admit that I do judge books by their covers. Honestly, this hasn't turned out too badly for me! As I browse Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, WordPress, ect. all the time, I am pretty up to date with popular books. Even if I don't really know what they are about, I've at least seen them around. This makes it super exciting when I go to the bookstore and pick up a book that I have never seen before.

Recent DNFs

Recent DNFs

I made a similar post about six months ago discussing why I think it is good to not finish books sometimes, as well as talking about reasons why I dropped a few books. I figured it was time to do it again because I have had a few notable books recently that I haven't finished.

Books I Had To Read For High School!

I was listening to a book podcast recently and they were talking about books they had to read for high school, or in the case of one of the hosts, didn't read. I was absolutely terrible at actually reading assigned books in high school and Sparknotes was my best friend! It's just a little ironic to me that someone who read so few of assigned books in school is such an avid reader now!