Things I Would Love to See in Upcoming ACOTAR Books!

Since finishing A Court of Silver Flames, I've been thinking about what I want from the rest of the series. There are projected to be two more full length novels and possibly another novella (at least). I wouldn't say these are predictions necessarily, so they won't be backed up with facts from the series, but these are just some things I would like to see. As I was writing these points out, it really started to sound like I am dragging this series...which I'm totally not! It is still one of my favorites and SJM is one of my favorite writers, but no series is perfect.

ACMC Readathon TBR!

I never do readathons, mostly because I find them stressful and I'm a mood reader, but this one is a whole month and most of the books I already want to read fit the categories! Also, it is hosted by one of my faves, Elliot Brooks, so I'm in. Check out her announcement video here!

February Wrap Up, Haul, & Update!

I have been doing an absolutely awful job at keeping up with reviews and posts that I want to write. I've missed 5 or 6 reviews over the past couple months, so I am going to do a mini review post, including all of those. That way, I don't have to stress myself out that they still aren't done, and I can move onto reviews that are fresh in my mind! I want to keep on top of my writing schedule better, so I think this will help.

How Well Do These Books Actually Compare?

I see so many books compared to other books, authors, or franchises in order to market them, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at those and see if the comparisons actually made sense! I've definitely read books where the comparisons I've seen make no sense.

As a note, these comparisons are pulled directly from reviews on the book. This means that people who just pick a book solely based on what they read about it on the book will see these comparisons as well.

2021 Reading Goals!

Happy 2021! I have some updated goals for this year to share! I'm going to kind of keep these a little relaxed because I don't want to put too much pressure on myself and as 2020 showed us, you never know what is going to happen. I just want these to guide me, not confine me.