Royal Assassin (Farseer Trilogy #2) by Robin Hobb

Fantasy, 675 pages, published in 1996

Fitz has survived his first hazardous mission as king’s assassin, but is left little more than a cripple. Battered and bitter, he vows to abandon his oath to King Shrewd, remaining in the distant mountains. But love and events of terrible urgency draw him back to the court at Buckkeep, and into the deadly intrigues of the royal family.
Renewing their vicious attacks on the coast, the Red-Ship Raiders leave burned-out villages and demented victims in their wake. The kingdom is also under assault from within, as treachery threatens the throne of the ailing king. In this time of great danger, the fate of the kingdom may rest in Fitz’s hands—and his role in its salvation may require the ultimate sacrifice.

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Content Warnings: torture

I was very excited to read this book because I was surprised by how much I liked the first one, but man, this one was honestly a let down.


I feel like Fitz finally got to show his personality a little bit in this book!

I really enjoyed Kettriken as a character and getting to see her in action was cool.

There was some cool magic happening at the ending of this book, but it did feel a little rushed to me.


I was very much looking forward to learning more about the Red Ship raiders, especially since it is on the cover of the book (at least the illustrated edition), but I don’t feel like we really got a ton more information about them.

The entire ‘romance’ element of this book….absolutely brought this entire thing down for me. I’ve seen reviews were people say that it is such a good romance and I honestly, truly don’t get it. The relationship was built on what felt like almost nothing and Fitz was ready to give up absolutely everything for this girl. It didn’t help that I was picturing Fitz as a gangly 12 year old (he was definitely older than that in this book). Every scene with the two of them, or even when Fitz was just thinking about, made me want to immediately drop this book.

The end of the book felt…very convenient. After all the boredom beforehand, this was something I actually wanted more detail about, but it was rushed by.


I’m not sure who would enjoy this book. It is the highest rated of the trilogy, so there are obviously people who enjoy it. I’d heard that it that it is even better than the third book, which scares me because I was very bored throughout. There is obviously something that some people enjoy about this book, but I don’t know what it is.

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One thought on “Royal Assassin (Farseer Trilogy #2) by Robin Hobb

  1. I literally cannot fathom how people could think this romance is wonderful! I wanted to slap Fitz so badly throughout the whole book 🙄 Still, I absolutely love the world, and Kettricken, Nighteyes and the Fool more than made up for Fitz’s stupidity, so this trilogy will always be one of my favorites! 😊 I do agree that the first book is a lot better than this one, though 😉


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