The Camelot Betrayal (Camelot Rising #2) by Kiersten White

Fantasy, 370 pages, published in 2020

EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE IN CAMELOT: King Arthur is expanding his kingdom’s influence with Queen Guinevere at his side. Yet every night, dreams of darkness and unknowable power plague her.

Guinevere might have accepted her role, but she still cannot find a place for herself in all of it. The closer she gets to Brangien, pining for her lost love Isolde, Lancelot, fighting to prove her worth as Queen’s knight, and Arthur, everything to everyone and thus never quite enough for Guinevere–the more she realizes how empty she is. She has no sense of who she truly was before she was Guinevere. The more she tries to claim herself as queen, the more she wonders if Mordred was right: she doesn’t belong. She never will.

When a rescue goes awry and results in the death of something precious, a devastated Guinevere returns to Camelot to find the greatest threat yet has arrived. Not in the form of the Dark Queen or an invading army, but in the form of the real Guinevere’s younger sister. Is her deception at an end? And who is she really deceiving–Camelot, or herself?

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I had wanted to reread the first book before jumping into this one, and although I didn’t have the chance to do that, I do think this book did a decent job at refreshing the reader.

This book felt a little unnecessary, like there didn’t need to be a bridge between the first and last books in this trilogy. Some of the conflict felt a little like fluff.

My main problem with this series is the romance. I consider there to be three main love interests and it keeps feeling like it is going in one direction, then it completely pivots. It felt like the book kept purposefully teasing me with my knowledge of the original story, getting me hopeful, then going in a totally different direction.

One thing I really enjoyed was that Guinevere gets the time to really explore who she is, especially compared to what other people expect of her. She has the duties of the queen on her shoulders, while also dealing with what is expected of her by her guardians. She also has powers that she doesn’t fully understand, so she struggles with the choice between what she can do, and what she should do.

I do think that I am still interested in the final book because I do like the world and the magic. Maybe the ending will tie everything together nicely, but I’m not going in with very high expectations.

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