Things I Would Love to See in Upcoming ACOTAR Books!


Since finishing A Court of Silver Flames, I’ve been thinking about what I want from the rest of the series. There are projected to be two more full length novels and possibly another novella (at least). I wouldn’t say these are predictions necessarily, so they won’t be backed up with facts from the series, but these are just some things I would like to see. As I was writing these points out, it really started to sound like I am dragging this series…which I’m totally not! It is still one of my favorites and SJM is one of my favorite writers, but no series is perfect.


Please. PLEASE. I’m so tired of mates. It’s made out to be this super rare thing, but we already have three pairs of mates among the main characters. I really was hoping Nesta and Cassian wouldn’t be mates, but of course they were. SJM even mentioned that being mates doesn’t mean those characters have to be together, but she hasn’t shown that.

The single reason that I like Elain and Azriel as a couple is because they AREN’T mates. It would be a clear rejection of the finality of mates, but unfortunately, it looks like Azriel and Gwyn are going to end up being mates, or at least involved. Since SJM really doesn’t like to keep anyone single, I would assume that means that Elain and Lucien is kind of inevitable as well.

Along the line of mates, I am sick of possessive males. This didn’t feel like an issue in Throne of Glass, but it feels like every male character in this series is a possessive bastard. Rhys in ACOSF drove me over the edge, and I’m sick of it.


I am getting a little sick of Prythian, especially the Night Court. I would love to see characters go to the regions in the east for more than a few pages. I also think it would cool to go to Hybern. Since the King was defeated, what’s going on over there? I just think there is a lot of potential for more cool stories or creatures, which actually brings me into my next point!


One of the things I loved about the first book was all of the creatures in the Spring Court! I loved that there were characters like Alis, the Suriel, the Attor, and naga. I thought all of those were so cool. There were some others throughout the series, like Bryaxis, but I want more! Having all the main characters all be High Fae, or vaguely High Fae is getting boring. I want creatures and things I’ve never seen before, not an endless stream of perfect and beautiful High Fae.

I can see how SJM kind of tried to incorporate this with Gwyn’s quarter-water nymph heritage, but that’s not enough for me.


None of the main characters are anything more than an ambiguous “tan”. Mor likes women, but that has only ever been discussed like once, in 4.5 books. SJM needs to step it up. It is unacceptable for a series that is still ongoing and an author with MANY books under her belt to still be writing such straight, white characters in this day and age.

Do you agree with any of these? What else would you like to see in the future ACOTAR books?

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