The Shadow of Kyoshi (The Kyoshi Novels #2) by F.C. Yee

Fantasy, 341 pages, published in 2020

Kyoshi is proven herself as the true Avatar, but external forces still threaten the peace and justice she is trying to maintain.

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Content Warnings: eye horror

I enjoyed The Rise of Kyoshi and I’m also looking forward to new Avatar: The Last Airbender content, but this book just didn’t do it for me.

The biggest issue was that it felt so disconnected from the first book. The characters that we got to know (that honestly, I don’t remember well) in the first book were barely mentioned in favor of new characters. I liked the new characters well enough, but it was just distracting to get a full new cast of people to get to know.

The plot also felt quite disconnected to me. There is an overarching issue that ties them together, but this book added a lot of political maneuvering that was introduced in this book.

There were also some inconsistencies between what was presented in the show and what was said in this book, specifically about Kuruk. I’m pretty sure everything in the first book checked out, but there were some glaring issues with the new information presented in this book. I don’t know if it was just an oversight or a purposeful rewriting of what’s canon, but I definitely noticed it.

One thing I did enjoy about this book was that we got to see a different part of the world! Obviously, it’s the same world we all know from the show, but it was nice to not have it set all in the Earth Kingdom like in the first book.

The romance is another thing I liked, but I wish there was more of it! There were definitely some cute moments, but the first book felt heavier on the romance.

I’m going to enjoy anything in the A:TLA universe to a certain degree, so if I didn’t have that emotional attachment, I don’t think I would have been able to get through this book. I think Kyoshi is SO cool, but I don’t think that this was the story I necessarily wanted about her.

The ending kind of felt to me like it was left open for more books, even though I thought this was the conclusion. I’m not sure if I would read more. If it it was a continuation of this story, then I probably wouldn’t, but if it was something new….then maybe.

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