2020 Reading Statistics!

Happy 2021!! I love doing end of the year/beginning of the year posts, and yearly stats are so interesting for me! I love a look into how and what I read. Here are all the books I read:

Basic Stats

Total books read: 123

Total pages read: 49,610

Average book length: 403

Longest: Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson (1,243 pages)

Shortest: Dewdrop by Katie O’Neill (40 pages)

Highest Rated: Fullmetal Alchemist omnibus vol. 9 by Hiromu Arakawa (4.76 on Goodreads)

Lowest Rated: Love at First Like by Hannah Orenstein (2.99 on Goodreads)

I dropped 2 books this year, which is maybe an all time low.

I finished 7 series.

I started 28 series, 11 of which I won’t be continuing with.


My audiobook listening absolutely spiked this year, mostly due to the pandemic. I had a hard time physically reading, but I found a bunch of hobbies (cross stitch, mini DIY houses, Animal Crossing) that I could do while listening to books.

I read 43 books that were published in 2020…seems pretty wild to me, not going to lie! I think I had a pretty good balance between reading new releases and backlist titles, though I didn’t really read many old books.

I still read a majority YA, but this is the most even YA and adult has been for me so far! It takes less time for me to read one YA book compared to one adult book, so I think YA will stay on top.

No surprise, I mostly read fantasy. Sci-fi went down (only read 3 sci-fi books this year) and romance and thrillers (which is a loose thriller/mystery/horror category) both went up.

Finally, we have books per month and pages per month! I think I am one of the only people who had a very productive April, in terms of reading (though I did crash in May lol). That’s largely due to reading a ton of graphic novels at work when I had nothing to do for hours on end.

How was your reading year in 2020? Happy 2021!

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