A Song of Wraiths and Ruin (A Song of Wraiths and Ruin #1) by Roseanne A. Brown

Fantasy, 480 pages, published in 2020

After the death of her mother, Karina is desperate to bring her back so the ruling of their country doesn’t fall on her. In order to complete the ritual, she needs a king’s heart. Malik’s younger sister was taken by a spirit and the only way to get her back is to kill the princess, Karina. He enters into a competition where the prize is her hand in marriage in order to get close to her.

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Content Warnings: violence, family death, anxiety

This book was not what I was expecting at all. I didn’t really know what the synopsis was before picking it up, so I was kind of surprised by the competition aspect.

I did end up really enjoying this book, even though it took me forever to read. I think it was just the wrong time for me to pick up this book, but either way, I had a good time.

One thing I loved about this was the focus on mental health. Malik suffers from anxiety and panic attacks throughout the book, and seeing how people treat him because of that is heart-wrenching, but I loved seeing how he deals with it, especially towards the end of this book.

There was also a lot of emphasis put on the importance of family, and showing that even if a family isn’t perfect, there can still be love there.

There were a few things about this book that I didn’t love. I thought the plot was kind of slow at times (which I didn’t really mind) and I was not all that interested in the different events in the competition. The side characters and the “villain” were not very present or fleshed out. This doesn’t affect my enjoyment, but I wanted to note that there were quite a few typos in this book.

I also was expecting more from the romance, since that is what I had heard great things about. There was definitely attraction, but the characters did not interact enough to call it a romance.

I definitely enjoyed the ending, and I am looking forward to what the sequel does. The ending posed a question of fate and destiny versus choosing your own path.

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