Wingspan (Wingbound #3) by Heather Trim

Fantasy, 307 pages, published in 2020

After finally return home, Ledger and his friends discover that the men of their village have been taken as prisoners, and embark on a quest to get them back.

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Content Warnings: torture/violence (mentioned, not really shown), grief/guilt

*Thanks to Heather Trim for sending me an advanced copy of this book!*

I’ve had the honor of getting eARCs for all the books in this series! That being said, that means it was a fairly long time since I read the second book, so I definitely went into this not remember exactly what had happened.

My absolute favorite thing about this series is is Ellery, the floating island. There are just so many interesting things about it, including how other groups of people in this world react to it.

One thing that surprised me is the span (pun not intended) of time this book took place over! I mostly enjoyed seeing what happened in such a long amount of time, but I did also feel like this caused the book overall to feel slightly rushed. There were a couple plot points that just didn’t interest me, so while I was reading, I wished that those were left out in order to expand on other elements of the story.

In the previous books, I’ve more or less liked most the characters, but I was unusually annoyed by a few of them in this book. Some of the actions or decisions the characters made felt so unreasonable or had no thought behind them. This was mostly in the first portion of the book, though, and by the end, I was really interested in the internal struggle of one of the main characters.

I think this was overall a good ending to the series! One of the things I appreciate about the series overall is that it always kept me on my toes and didn’t ever feel typical or ordinary. I loved the epilogue, especially all the throwbacks to the start of the series.

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