Midnight Sun (Twilight #5) by Stephenie Meyer

Fantasy, 658 pages, published in 2020

Twilight told from Edward’s perspective.

Mild Spoiler Review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Normally, I try to keep reviews spoiler free, but with a book like this, comparisons are going to inevitable and most people know the basic plot anyway.

My first thought when reading this book was that I think the original series would have been better from Edward’s POV, or at least incorporating both Bella and Edward’s POV. Edward definitely struggles with a lot more than I ever thought while reading Twilight, so in the main series, he seems like this mysterious, brooding figure, but he’s actually just kind of a mess.

I looked back to my copy of Twilight at times to see what the difference was and there were definitely some conversations that were summarized in there, that were expanded on in Midnight Sun. One issue I had was that there was obviously a lot of overlap, but I feel like it wasn’t handled very well in this book. I don’t need to see the same conversation word for word from two different perspectives.

There were elements of the story that felt repetitive as well. The days Edward spends with Bella in class and the nights he spends watching her all felt the same to me. I did not need details on every single one. Also, Edward hunting James, his journey to the ballet studio, and Alice’s visions of how they were going to deal with the aftermath were so repetitive and unnecessarily detailed. Edward driving in these scenes specifically really bothered me because he just kept saying how fast he was going like…I don’t care.

I did like that I was actually able to understood why Edward loves Bella through his point of view. Through the original series, it was hard for me at least, to see what he saw in her, so I appreciated that.

Edward’s perspective also made me like pretty much the rest of his family as well! I’d never given much thought to Emmett and especially Jasper, but I liked seeing how Edward thinks of them and what he appreciates and admires about everyone in his whole family.

A couple things that I thought were interesting additions to the series were all the information about vampires swimming and Edward’s appreciation of Angela. There might have been some mention of vampires swimming in the main series (they showed it in the movies), but I just thought that the information was really interesting, and had interesting implications. Edward’s feelings toward Angela were just really cute.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it. As a previously hardcore Twilight fan, it was definitely something I had to read, but I don’t think anyone who doesn’t have that nostalgia or love for the series is going to enjoy or care about this book. I do think it would be really interesting for someone with no knowledge of the series to pick this one up first though.

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