Happy #mapmonday ! – My Favorite Fantasy Maps!

I thought it would be fun to show some love to fantasy maps today! Some of these I like for the style and some I like for the design of the land itself.

Prythian – A Court of Thorns and Roses series

For this map, I actually like how much potential it has. The big continent over in the east is mentioned very little in the series (so far), so the thing I’m actually the most excited for going forward is being able to see more of this world!

Erilea – Throne of Glass series

I actually think that this is a fairly unique map for fantasy. I like that it shows pretty much the entire continent, even though I wish more of it was relevant to the story. I do also wish we had gotten a map of Wendlyn, but hopefully in the future.

Elendel – Second Era Mistborn series

*Some spoilers for the First Era Mistborn books!*

The reason I didn’t pick the map of the Final Empire was because I love how intentional this one was (as it should be). It’s one thing to hear that it was intentional, but you can clearly see it from the map. Also, the names of things just make me happy.

Elfhame – The Folk of Air series

This map is actually kind of useless, because the specific location of things does not matter the story, but I adore the art style!

The Old Kingdom – The Old Kingdom series

I think this map is so cool! It’s pretty unique and I just feel like it fits the world and the magic really well.

Roshar – The Stormlight Archive

The shape of Roshar has always intrigued me, but I have a special place in my heart for this map because we actually get to see a fair amount of it in the story. Also, the Purelake is just so freaking cool to me.

Ravka – The Grishaverse

I like the fact that water is in the middle of the map and I also really like the artistic style, specifically the boat in the ocean!

Queendom of Inys – The Priory of the Orange Tree

I love the style of this map and I think the land itself is really cool!

Middle Earth – The Lord of the Rings

I have hand-drawn this and painted it on a canvas, so there is no way I wasn’t going to include it! Also, it’s just a classic!

What are your favorite fantasy maps? I’m curious if anyone disagrees with any of my picks!

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3 thoughts on “Happy #mapmonday ! – My Favorite Fantasy Maps!

  1. I absolutely love maps! 😊 They’re never useless, even if the locations of places aren’t relevant to the story. I usually spend hours pouring over them, so this post made me so happy 😍 Also, I find it fascinating how much some maps are inspired by our own world – just compare the map of Prythian or the one from A Song of Ice and Fire to the British Isles, for example… So interesting!

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