Books I Loved as a Kid!

I could swear I had done some sort of post similar to this before, but I can’t for the life of me find it, so here we go (either again for for the first time)!

Elementary School

I have such distinct memories of reading Captain Underpants on the bus with my friend in 1st or 2nd grade! We would make up a little jingle to remember what chapter we left off on…not sure why we didn’t just use a bookmark! The Magic Tree House series was an absolute classic! I specifically remember the one about Pompeii. When I suddenly remembered the Wayside School books, I was astounded that I forgot about them! They were so strange and I remember being obsessed with them because they were just so weird.

How could Harry Potter not be on this list? I was the exact right age group for it that grew up with Harry. My mom started out by reading these books to me, then we moved to the audiobooks, then I finally was able to read them on my own. The same thing happened with A Series of Unfortunate Events! We would listen to them on car trips, so I remember being super mad at a classmate who did a report on the 11th book and spoiling it for me because we hadn’t gotten to listen to the book yet. Also, Heartland. I was a horse girl! My best friend I were obsessed with (all 20) of these books.

Middle School/Early High School

So in middle school, we weren’t allowed to carry around backpacks, and we could only stop at our lockers once in the middle of the day, so I always carried around a huge stack of binders and folders, topped with a book. When I was reading Eragon, the stack must have been like over a foot tall! I remember carrying around Brisingr when it came out and many people staring at me because I was carrying this huge book around!

Ah, Twilight. I was actually a little late to these books, because I didn’t read them until after the last one came out but I was obsessed. That might actually be an understatement. It was 2008-09, so I was 14 years old, the target age for this series. I would write quotes all over my notebook, practice writing things on the chalkboards in the title font, I even lent my teachers my copies of the books.

I was also obsessed with pretty much all of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books. They were just so fun, there was magic and romance, and they were some of the first books I’d read that actually mentioned sex! I was 13 or 14 at this time.

Vampire Academy was definitely a high school series for me, since I was already in 10th grade when the last one came out. These books were just so fun! I’ve reread them multiple times since and I still love them! I feel the same way about Pendragon! My brother actually picked this series out for a carride audiobook, and seeing the cover, I was not excited, but I fell in love with the series! I recently reread and it was still so good! Though, it is 10 books, so it definitely dragged more than I remembered at the end.

We have arrived at The Goose Girl. I can’t remember when I first listened to this in the car, because I have read it so many times since then that I can’t tell them apart. I’ve read this book at least 5 or 6 times, and it’s always the book I say when asked for my favorite book. It definitely has such a special place in my heart!

I was in the target group for so many huge series that turned into huge franchises. It’s hard to imagine my life without those, because they were such a part of my life at the time, and for some, like Harry Potter, I literally grew up with the characters as the books were released. I think that is a part of why I’m such a big reader now, but definitely not the whole reason.

I also thinks it’s kind of funny that my tastes really haven’t changed all that much! The vast majority of these are fantasy, and as I got older, I got way more interested in books with romance in them. My top two most read genres right now are fantasy and romance.

(OKAY, so I actually did find that old post…it was only a year ago that I posted it. It feels like so much longer ago! I did say some of the same things in this post, but I’ve added some more.)

What books did you read when you were young that you have specific memories of?

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4 thoughts on “Books I Loved as a Kid!

  1. So many good books! I grew up right before most of these books became big (Tamora Pierce was a huge part of my childhood, though), but now that I have young kids starting to read I’m hoping I can get them interested. My son just learned to read in the past year and he fell in love with Captain Underpants. I’m hoping to introduce him to The Magic Treehouse soon.

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