The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon

Romance, 368 pages, published in 2020

After going viral online for finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with two other women, Samiah and the two other women become friends and agree that they are going to go six months without dating to just focus on themselves. But when Daniel, the new guy at Samiah’s company, comes along, she might have a hard time sticking to her new no dating rule.

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book was such a fun time! It had so many things about it that I loved that I don’t see super often in romance.

Samiah works in the tech industry and is invaluable to her company, but she has had to fight in order to be there. Being a Black woman, she has had to work much harder than her white male peers in order to be taken seriously, so she knows that even one mistake could ruin her career and the potential careers of Black girls in the future, so she puts tons of pressure on herself to always be perfect. Because of this, she puts work first, even over the app she’s been dreaming about developing for years.

Daniel is a half-Black, half-Korean secret agent who begins working at Samiah’s company in order to find someone who is money laundering. He can’t tell anyone what he is there is to do because it may compromise the mission, so he struggles with having to lie, even as his relationship furthers with Samiah. I normally hate when lying is part of the plot, but it is totally understand why he needs to keep secrets and he felt awful about it the entire time.

I loved the development of Samiah and Daniel’s relationship. While I did wish there were more scenes of their small moments, I really liked that it was kind of a slow burn, or at least, as much of a slow burn as you can get in a 300 page romance novel. They both communicated and listened to each other a lot, which I really appreciated.

One of my biggest complaints is that sometimes things felt repetitive. Samiah would have the same conversations over and over, especially about concerns over her app. I also wish that the friendship between Samiah and the two other girls was a little more present. The premise of the book is based on their friendship, but I just didn’t feel like I got enough of them. Also, I did not really understand the terminology that went with Samiah’s technology job or Daniel’s money laundering investigation, so I kind of skimmed parts where those were talked about a lot.

I really liked that this book focused so much on the characters’ lives outside of the romance, especially Samiah’s. I also appreciated that it was more of a slow burn. The resolution to the final conflict could have been really overdone and drawn out, but it wasn’t at all and I really liked how it was handled.

Overall, this was just a really enjoyable read! I couldn’t tell if I was more jealous of the romance or how well Samiah’s company treated it’s employees 😂 I can’t relate to either one! I am curious to see if this becomes a series, because the other two girls could definitely have their own romances as well.

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