Halfway Through 2020 Check In!

Wow, I really can’t believe that 2020 is halfway over already, but at the same time, it feels like these six months have taken absolute eons to go by. I wanted to go through some of my reading stats for the past six months, as well as check in on the goals I set at the beginning of the year.


(I finished A Closed and Common Orbit yesterday, July 1st, so I’m not counting that in any of the following data, but I didn’t feel like editing Goodreads to get a better screenshot lol)


So far this year I have read 63 books! This time last year, I had read 55 books.

My goal is to read 100 this year, which I am definitely on track for.

I have read 15 books released this year, and 16 books released in 2019.

I’m always trying to read new releases, but I’m glad I’ve also gotten through some of my backlist from last year!

I’ve read 33 fantasy books and 16 romances. Surprisingly, no sci-fi so far!

Interestingly, there are very few fantasy books among my favorite books of the year so far, despite the fact that they make up over half of what I’ve read.

2020 is the year of the audiobook! I’ve listened to 19 audiobooks so far, roughly a third of my overall reading.

Audiobooks have been so great for me with quarantine. I didn’t always have the attention span to actively read, so audiobooks required less active attention.

33 books have been YA, while 26 have been adult.

This is actually surprising. Considering the amount of romance I’ve read, which is mostly adult, I would have thought these numbers would be more equal. I am counting Fullmetal Alchemist as YA, so that does account for 9 of those books.

I’ve read 16 graphic novels or manga.

Graphic novels and manga were another great help for me during quarantine! One of my goals was to read Fullmetal Alchemist, which I did, and the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics, which I read one of.

I’ve reread 9 books so far this year.

I definitely wanted to reread more this year, especially because I started off so strong in first couple months of the year. I think I’m just getting so into new books and backlist series that I don’t have the time for rereads. I definitely want to try harder at this. I think the next book I will reread is A Court of Mist and Fury, because I reread ACOTAR earlier this year and I want to keep going with that. Now that I’m thinking about it, if I space them out well, I’ll be all set and refreshed for the release of A Court of Silver Flames in early 2021!


1. Goodreads Goal – 100 books on track!

2. Read More Nonfiction → need to do better, only one so far this year

3. Reread Old Favorites → doing well, but still could do better

4. Read Graphic Novels I Own Already → more than halfway there!

5. Make Regular Blog and Instagram Posts → mostly there!

6. Interact on Social Media More → definitely lacking in this section


I also want to include the Girl Meets Duke series by Tessa Dare in this!

Whew, that’s a lot of info! It was fun putting this together though. My reading progress is just about the only thing that’s been good so far this year, so here’s to hoping the rest of 2020 will be better (though the bar is set pretty low lol)!

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