A Tour of My Book Notebook!

I keep track of so many things in this notebook: thoughts on books, plans for posting, post ideas, lists of book recommendations, upcoming releases, and more. Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to run a blog or Instagram page at all if I didn’t have something to keep me on track. I thought it would be fun to go through exactly what kinds of stuff I put in here!


The notebook I use is from Muji, and unfortunately, I can’t find it on their website anymore. It is about height and width of a paperback book and it has a dot grid and I love it. It has clear plastic cover on the front and back. (Here is an alternative if you are interested).

I also use a 0.7 mm ballpoint pen from Muji (I love Muji, can you tell?). It’s just such a great pen! It’s skinny, doesn’t really smudge, and writes really smoothly.

I also use a variety of sticky notes, some from Muji, some from the post I did about how I tab my books.


(possibly spoilers in the photo for the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson)

This is what a typical page of notes looks! Somehow I turn comments like “THAT WAS COOL” into a full review. If a quote sticks out to me, I will write it in my notes as well. A lot of the time, there are notes that don’t make it into my reviews, because I either changed my mind about them, didn’t think they were important enough to bring up, or couldn’t really work into a review. I also use those Gudetama stickers at the top to mark when I’ve written the review for the book.

These are the two pages that I use for my monthly planning. On the left, I have the month broken up into weeks because I usually plan a week at a time, since I take photos on the weekends. I like writing when I am going to do a blog post over on the right side, so it’s clear to me. Once something is done, I highlight it. The page to the right just keeps track of all the books I’ve bought/received and read, to help me out with wrap ups and hauls.

This is my upcoming releases page! I don’t normally have that many anticipated releases, so I can fit six months on a page. I recently started indicating if something is a sequel. It helps for a quick glance so I can plan on doing a lot of rereading if I have a lot of sequels coming out in a given month.

Some other pages I have are an ideas page (which I’m not sharing because it’s messy and I don’t want to give my ideas away lol (not that they are mindblowing)), backlist books that I want to buy, and reading goals for the year. I use sticky tabs along the side and top to mark these pages for easy access. I also have tabs in my monthly pages, as well as on the page for whatever I’m currently reading.

Sometimes I think that this is a little extra, but that’s just the kind of person I am and it works well for me! I have only about 10 blank pages left in this notebook, and I started using it last June, so it lasted me roughly a year!

Do you plan out your posts or take notes on what you read, and if so, how?

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