Wicked and the Wallflower (The Bareknuckle Bastards #1) by Sarah MacLean

Historical Romance, 396 pages, published in 2018

Felicity Faircloth is an out of favor spinster wallflower when she meets Devil, a Bareknuckle bastard. He promises her an advantageous marriage to a Duke, but in reality, he plans to ruin her in order to get back at his brother, the Duke of Marwick.

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I enjoyed this book, but I felt like it was just drawn out so much longer than it needed to be. I really enjoyed how things wrapped up, but it took so long to get there.

I really liked the tension and scandal of this setup. There was so much attraction between Felicity and Devil, so I really like the build-up of their relationship. The tension of both of them wanting each other, but knowing that it wasn’t proper was exactly what I love. The sexy scenes were also really good and full of emotion! I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did a great job with them.

My issue with their relationship was that Devil was constantly deciding what was good for Felicity without asking her. He resists her because he thinks she deserves better, even though she makes it clear that he is what she wants. This aspect went on for so long and I grew pretty frustrated with it. He also got really possessive of her at times, which I don’t like.

The climactic scene between the two of them was so good though! I think it really showed both of their strength and their love for each other.

There were a lot of repeated words, like sin and perfection, that once I noticed, I couldn’t stop noticing. Repeated words are one of my biggest pet peeves, so this had me rolling my eyes at times.

I just think that this book was too long for me to love it. While I definitely enjoyed parts of it, I was kind of ready for the end even though I still had 25% of the book left. I’m not sure yet if I want to read the next books in this series.

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