Recent Graphic Novel Reads #2

A while ago, I did a round-up of the graphic novels I had read recently. Since I’ve been loving so many recently, I decided to do another round-up of all my favorite graphic novels (+ one manga) since then!


I read this entire 27 volume series at work in the last two weeks…it was so good! I had seen both anime series based on this manga, so I knew I loved it, but I had never gotten around to reading the manga even though I owned it in it’s entirety. This series had me laugh and crying and everything in between. There are so many tragic things that happen, but the characters are truly a delight to go on a journey with. I highly recommend this!


This story was so cute, but so emotional at the same time. It is definitely a middle grade story, but I found it so charming and I absolutely loved it! I think in my previous post I had said that I don’t love Jen Wang’s art style, but I want to take that back! It has definitely grown on me and I love the stories she tells.


The first volume of Check, Please! was on my initial list, but the second and final volume has come out and it was so good! I love how this volume wrapped up the story. The two volumes cover four years, so some developments seem a little fast, but it was so cute overall! It definitely put me in the mood for some pie πŸ™‚


This series was also in my original post, but now there is another volume out! I absolutely adore the casual art style of this series and it’s a really cute story while also tackling harder topics. I could reread this series over and over!


Katie O’Neill’s soft stories and colorful art really are an absolute favorite of mine! Her stories are calm, but still really meaningful. In this book in particular, she has a message in the back about protecting our oceans and a whole section on what is happening and how we can help.


This is a companion to The Tea Dragon Society, which was on my original list. This book is a fair amount longer, but I loved it so much! I want to live in a world that Katie O’Neill has created.

What graphic novels or manga have you been enjoying recently?

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