Burn the Dark (Malus Domestica #1) by S.A. Hunt

Fantasy/Horror, 364 pages, published in 2015

Robin has a successful YouTube channel where she pretends to hunt witches, except for the fact that she’s only pretending that it’s all fake. For the past two years, she has been traveling around the country taking out witches along the way. She returns to her hometown in order to take out the coven that killed her mother.

Spoiler Free Review:

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I thought the premise of this book sounded really cool, but it didn’t end up being what I was expecting. I think there were definitely some good parts of this book, but overall I had a lot of issues with it.

Most of my initial disappointment was because the whole YouTube channel aspect wasn’t featured as much as I thought it would be. It is definitely mentioned, but it’s not an integral part of the story by any means.

There were a few different characters that were followed, but it wasn’t clear until pretty late in the book how they connected. It made it hard for me to care about characters other than Robin because I didn’t understand their relevance. I also never really felt a strong connection with Robin. There was just something about her that just felt closed off, so I didn’t really end up caring much about her.

I also felt like the conflict of the story was revealed super late into the book. For the first 60-70% of the book, I couldn’t tell what the story was leading to. I just felt a little pointless, as there was no immediate goal or problem. This almost felt like the first half of a book, especially since I thought the climax was really underwhelming and the way the book ended felt like a good chapter ending.

I did think that the witches were pretty cool and creepy. The overall creepy vibe was done really well. I don’t normally read anything similar to horror, but nothing in this book was too much for me.

I also really liked Joel, one of Robin’s friends from childhood. He was cool, interesting, and had a lot of personality. Kenway, Robin’s love interest, was another favorite of mine. I liked that him and Robin had open conversations about mental health, as well as his time in the military.

I don’t see myself continuing on to the next book. I just didn’t form an attachment to the main characters or to the story.

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