Crave (Crave #1) by Tracy Wolff

Fantasy, 592 pages, published in 2020

After the sudden death of both her parents, Grace is sent to live with her uncle in Alaska, where he runs a boarding school. After multiple near-death experiences, many strange occurrences, and things that don’t add up, Grace realizes that the school might not be for humans and that someone wants her dead.

Spoiler Free Review:


*Disclaimer: This is an advanced copy I was sent by the publisher*

I was really looking forward to this book because it has to do with vampires and I’d seen such good advanced reviews of it. Unfortunately, this book just wasn’t for me.

My biggest issue was that the pacing felt really weird. I went into it knowing that there would be vampires and other supernatural creatures, so it was incredibly frustrating to see Grace take so long to figure out what was going on. The beginning of the book covers just a few days, but so much about those days is described that it felt like weeks.

The romantic relationship also didn’t really feel based on much to me. I felt like Grace and Jaxon, the love interest, only interacted a few times over those few days, so I just didn’t really feel connected to their relationship.

I really enjoyed Grace’s relationship with her cousin and uncle. I wish it had been emphasized a little more, because the only times I really felt for Grace were when she was reconnecting with her cousin.

I did think the lore and the different supernatural creatures that were included were really interesting once they were finally revealed! I still wish it had been incorporated into the story sooner, but what we did get was cool.

I honestly had a hard time finishing this book. I just didn’t feel a connection to any of the characters and I was already so frustrated by the time that things got interesting that I didn’t have the energy to be interested. I definitely skimmed a lot of the back portion of this book.

I don’t want to leave this review on such a negative note, because I know a lot of people really enjoyed this book and I do think a lot of people could potentially like it, so I have linked some positive reviews below!

Thank you so much to Entangled Teen for sending me a copy! Even if I didn’t love this book, I’m still so grateful for the chance to read it early!

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