The Governess Game (Girl Meets Duke #2) by Tessa Dare

Romance, 373 pages, published in 2018

Chase, heir to a dukedom, is in charge of two feisty young girls and can’t keep a governess around to teach them. When strong-willed Alexandra is out of work, she takes the job of governess as her last resort. Alex must get Chase to leave his rakish ways behind and open his heart to his wards – and to her.

Spoiler Free Review:


I was a little nervous about this book after seeing that it had lower ratings than the first book, The Duchess Deal, on Goodreads, but to be honest, I liked this one way more!

Found family was a huge part of this book. None of the characters really have any family left, or at least any family that treats them well, so they all find family within each other. This is one of my favorite tropes and I feel like it was done so well in this book!

Chase tries to keep himself from keeping himself from getting hurt, which is why he resists forming attachments to Alex and the girls. He can say harsh things at times, but the way he acts towards them shows how much he really does care.

I also really loved Alex. She is so strong-willed and brave, but she can also be soft. I loved the way she treated the girls. She never punished them for acting out, because she knew what it was like to be a young girl with no one to trust.

Chase was always so respectful of Alexandra and he never pushed her beyond what she wanted. Their relationship had so much sexual tension to it and it was great.

I also love the reluctant friendship between Chase and Ash, the love interest of the previous book. It was good to see him again, as well as how protective he had become of Alex.

These books are just so much fun! Each character does have that one “problem” for them to overcome throughout the book, but it’s the perfect balance of romance and character growth for me. I’m already reading the third book in this series! It’s been so enjoyable so far!

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