Ember Queen (Ash Princess #3) by Laura Sebastian

Finally free of her captors and while an army at her back, Queen Theodosia returns to her home in order to regain her throne. However, there is a new enemy standing in her way and she must be stronger than ever to return things to how they should be.

Spoiler Free Review:


If you’ve haven’t read the first two books in this trilogy, Ash Princess and Lady Smoke, or at least my reviews for them, I would recommend doing that first!

I was so nervous to see how this book would play out. It is the conclusion to the series, so I was hoping for something satisfying, yet realistic, and it turns out that’s what I got! I couldn’t be happier with how this book and series ended!

This book definitely had a little bit of a different vibe than the other two. Theo finally has her army and she’s back in Astrea, so it feels like she’s so close to her goal.

The first two books had a lot more political intrigue, while this one had more battle intrigue (is that a thing?). I was thankful that none of the battles got shown at length, because I just find battles boring to read about. I did enjoy seeing Theo and the gang strategize and pull out every trick they can manage. These scenes always left me feeling super stressed!

It strikes me suddenly that we are all together again, in a way I never imagined we would be. We are here and we are alive against all odds…I know that this is war and she will likely take much more before all is said and done. But today, we are here and together and victorious, and that is enough.

-pg. 191

I’ve said this in my other reviews for this series, but the relationships and characters are really the standout element for me. I feel like all the relationships, both old and new, are complex, unique, and interesting. Theo continues to be such an interesting and inspiring character. She has every reason to not be a good person, but throughout the series, she wants to break the chain of pain that took so much from her.

In terms of the ending, I won’t say too much. I think it was handled well and none of the characters’ fates seemed far-fetched.

I absolutely adored this series as a whole! I can absolutely see myself rereading this in the future, making it one of my favorites. I will definitely read anything Laura Sebastian writes in the future because I am a huge fan of the way she writes!

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