Love Her or Lose Her by Tessa Bailey

Romance, 384 pages, published in 2020

Rosie and Dominic are high school sweetheart and think they will be together forever. However, when Dominic returns from active duty, he closes himself off from the world and from Rosie. Since then, their relationship has been strained. Rosie decides to make a last ditch effort and signs up for couple’s therapy, but will Dominic agree to go?

Spoiler Free Review:


I really enjoyed Fix Her Up, the first installment in this romance series, but second chance romances aren’t usually my thing, so I was unsure if I was going to enjoy this book.

For the most part, I did enjoy this book. Most of my problems with this came from the fact that I just wanted more depth. There were so many things that could have been explored more and that I wanted to see more of.

I thought Dominic was very stubborn and that annoyed me a lot of the time. I didn’t really feel like he had that much of a personality aside from wanting to be a provider. He went too far with thinking the he had to be a provider for Rosie, and at times, it even bordered on jealousy. On the other hand, I thought Rosie was cute, motivated, and just overall an interesting character.

There was some great sexual tension between the two characters. Tessa Bailey is definitely good at writing a steamy sex scene. I like how for the most part, they are all pretty memorable scenes.

One thing that bothered me about Fix Her Up was that the main guy always called the girl “baby girl”. In his book, Dominic calls Rosie “honey girl” and I hate that way more than “baby girl”.

I loved the community around Dominic and Rosie. Georgie and Travis, the protagonists from Fix Her Up, make an appearance, as well as other characters that they interact with. Rosie is part of the “Just Us Leauge”, which is a group of women supporting each other and the community, and I loved these moments.

Overall, I just think this book went in a direction that I personally didn’t like. I still enjoyed it and I think I will continue on with this series, especially because the next book is already intriguing me.

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