Goldenhand (Abhorsen #5) by Garth Nix

Fantasy, 368 pages, published in 2016

Although Chlorr of the Mask was defeated, she hasn’t died the final death. Soon after the events of Abhorsen, Lirael and Nick reunite in order to prevent Chlorr’s latest plan.

Spoiler Free Review:


I really loved the fourth book in this series, Clariel, so I was super excited to jump into this book. That book is a prequel, so it is totally different than the timeline of the other books. I had some issues with the main trilogy, and since this book picked back up on that timeline, those issues were present in this book for me as well.

The world of the Old Kingdom is so cool! One of the reasons I keep coming back to this series is because of the really incredible world. The other big thing about these books that I love is the characters. Lirael has to be one of my all-time favorite characters.

My biggest problem with this book, as well as the series, is the pacing. If you look at the Goodreads description of this book, I would say that the events they described happen in the last third of the book. The beginning 75% or so is so slow, but then the ending happens so quickly that it’s shocking and confusing. The overall pacing of the series is so strange to me as well. The first book happens, then twenty years pass, then the second book happens, followed immediately by the third book. I would say a few months to a year pass between the third book and this one. It just feels very odd to me.

This book also featured a new character who was followed every other chapter. I don’t really think these chapters added anything or were necessary in any way and I didn’t particularly like the character. This made the book go by so slowly, even though it is a fairly short book.

I don’t know if Garth Nix is planning on writing anything else in this world, but I honestly can’t say if I’d read it. The pacing is a constant issue I have with these books and while I loved Clariel, everything after the original trilogy feels unnecessary.

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