A Tour of My Bookshelves!

I enjoy watching bookshelf tours on YouTube and I love looking at r/bookshelf on Reddit. I got the idea of doing a blog version of a bookshelf tour from Wonderfully Bookish.

I have my bookshelves split up into multiple places and all of them are organized a little bit differently.

Two big warnings:

  1. This is going to be a picture heavy post
  2. These are not going to be great quality pictures because my room has terrible lighting


This shelf has almost all of my sci-fi and fantasy books! Normally, I hate when those are paired together (they are NOT the same thing), but so many of my favorite authors kind of dabble in both of those.

On my first four shelves, I have books by my favorite authors. These are not really in any order. They mostly just go where they fit and look nice. I have them organized by release date for each author.

The next shelf down is a mix of a few different things. The first part of the shelf has series that are ongoing (they all happen to be trilogies) that I like, but not enough to put them on my favorite authors’ shelves. The horizontal stack are books that will be a series, but only one book is out or I’ve only read the first one is others are released. The last part of the shelf are some of my favorite standalones!

The very bottom shelf is kind of my “other” shelf. I have some series and standalones that I don’t want to get rid of, but aren’t good enough for the upper shelves. I also have a jar of bookmarks, as well as some boxes I use for sorting paper stars.


This technically isn’t a shelf, it’s the top of my dresser, but I really lack bookshelf space! I have my stack of Harry Potter books, then graphic novels in order by author. Next I have The Lunar Chronicles graphic novels and the ATLA/LOK graphic novels, followed by my stack of manga. I also have a metal dragon, a shell I found, and some fairy lights on top.


This shelf is a bit a of a mess, but the shape of it makes it weird to organize. In the first cube, I have all of my romances. These are specifically rom-com type romances.

In the next cube, I have my One Story booklets. Next to those, I have historical fiction and contemporary fiction. Some of these are romance, but the feel “deeper” than the rom-coms to the left.

In the middle row, I have young adult contemporary fiction (plus one historical fiction).

On the final row, I have classics (all one of them) and non-fiction. This entire bookcase is organized alphabetically by author within each category. I also have a show box full of unsorted paper stars.

I have some candles throughout to hold up books.

On the top of this bookshelf, I have my “special” shelf. This has editions of books that are special! Also, the hardcover of The Goose Girl because it’s my favorite book and I have two copies that are identical. I also have some decorations that don’t fit elsewhere, as well as games.


I feel bad for this shelf. It contains all the books that are maybe not as pretty as all the ones I keep more out in the open (this shelf is kind of hidden because it is smushed between my bed and the wall). These are mostly books that I loved in the past and don’t want to get rid of because of the nostalgia.


Again, this isn’t really a shelf because it’s my desk! These books are held up by my box of skincare/haircare and a tape holder.


This is on my nightstand next to my bed. I have books that I am in the middle of and haven’t read in a while, as well as the Throne of Glass mini editions.

My shelves are constantly changing as I read more books and add to them. As you can see, I’m desperately running out of space. I’ve commandeered every other surface in my room, so soon I think I will have to start stacking them on the floor!

How do you organize your shelves?

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