Favorite Audiobook Resources!

Audiobooks are a fantastic thing for a ton of different reasons! My mom used to set my brother and I up with an audiobook on a long car ride and we would be occupied the entire time. These days, I will listen to an audiobook while doing chores or while laying in bed and playing on my phone. It is a great way to mix it up a little from reading physical books or to get some reading done while commuting, cleaning, or cooking.

I know for other people, reading just isn’t for them, even if they want it to be. They love stories, but don’t like physically reading, so audiobooks are the perfect solution. I also can’t forget to mention that anyone who is visually impaired can still experience the joy of reading through audiobooks.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite ways to listen to audiobooks! These are in order from my favorite to least favorite. (NOTE: I live in the US, so I have no idea how these sites work outside of the US.)

1. Libby

Libby, which is run by Overdrive, is my favorite place to go for audiobooks! With a library card, you have access to all of your library’s audiobooks and ebooks online. In my case, most of my state has a consortium of libraries that all share an online catalog.

The one downside to Libby is that each library has a limited number of licenses for each book, meaning only a certain number of copies can be lent out at a time. If you don’t mind waiting or checking out something else in the meantime, then this won’t be an issue.

  • Free!
  • Unlimited number of books (limit amount checked out at a time)
  • Place holds to automatically check out books you are waiting for
  • Ebooks are included

Check it out here!

  • May have to wait for books to be available
  • Selection depends on your library
  • May not have newer titles

2. Scribd

Scribd seemed really sketchy to me at first because they advertised unlimited free ebooks and audiobooks for $8.99 a month. Seems too good to be true? Yeah, it is. You do technically get unlimited books, however, after listening to one or two a month, they limit your selection to a very sparse amount. This resets when your subscription renews each month. In my opinion, it is still worth it. The limited selection sometimes has some book I want to listen to, so in a good month, I can get three books out of my subscription.

Ebooks are also included in the $8.99 a month. I usually don’t read ebooks, so I’m not sure how many you can read before the selection gets limited, but it does save your spot across devices. I think a subscription is even more worth it if you read ebooks as well.

  • Can get a lot of use out of it
  • Generally has newer titles
  • Subscription includes ebooks

  • Limited number of titles after initial book each month
  • No access to books after the end of subscription

Check it out here! (NOTE: This link is my personal invite link, so if you sign up through it, you’ll get 60 days free and I will get 30 days free)

3. Audible

I have a love-hate relationship with Audible. I resisted for the longest time, but there are just some audiobooks you can’t get elsewhere. For $15 a month, Audible is the most expensive with the least amount of perks.

With your subscription, you get one credit to spend on any audiobook, as well as two free Audible Originals each month out of a selection of six. These originals are hit or miss for me. They are usually 1-4 hours. One of them, The Burnout Generation, felt more like a podcast than an audiobook. I never really get around to these because I was never really interested in them in the first place. They don’t had any value to a subscription for me.

With your subscription, you also get 30% off all audiobooks you don’t buy with a credit. Again, this doesn’t add a whole lot to the value of the subscription for me. I’m already paying $15 a month, I’m not gonna pay for more audiobooks after that.

  • Keep the books forever, even when your subscription ends
  • Deals outside of your subscription
  • Audible Originals

  • Expensive per book
  • Perks that don’t add value

Check it out here!

As far as the different interfaces of the three, I would say they are all pretty much equal to me. They all have adjustable speeds, bookmarks, and chapters, which is all I need.

Where do you get audiobooks from? Let me know! I’m always looking for new places to try audiobooks from!

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