Series I Hope to Start in 2020!

I’ve been putting off starting new series until I have caught up with other series that I’m reading, and 2020 happens to be that time! I’m only going to be listing series that have at least two books out.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon (currently 3 books, 7 books planned)

After reading and loving The Priory of the Orange Tree last year, I decided I wanted to check out other works by Samantha Shannon! The three books in The Bone Season series are the only thing that she has written.

The Broken Earth Series by N.K. Jemisin (completed at 3 books)

I have heard such amazing things about this series! I always want to start getting into adult fantasy more, but most of my experience so far has been limited to Brandon Sanderson.

The Iskari Series by Kristen Ciccarelli (3 books currently, ? planned)

My best friend recommended this series to me and the more I look into it, the more intrigued I get. It seems that the books can be read in any order. I’m not sure if there are more books planned in this series.

The Lightbringer Series by Brent Weeks (completed at 5 books)

This is another adult fantasy series that I have heard great things about. I attempted to read Brent Weeks’ The Way of Shadows, but I could barely make it 10 pages. I have heard that this one is better though.

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb (completed at 3 books)

I have not heard a ton about what this series is actually about, but I’ve heard plenty of good things about it. I think it fits into a larger series, but for now, I just want to see if I enjoy this trilogy. Also, these covers have turned me off of reading this series, but I do want to read them.

The Rebel of the Sands Trilogy by Alwyn Hamilton (completed at 3 books)

This was another recommendation from my best friend! It seems right up my alley and I trust her judgement in books and her knowledge of what I like.

What series do you want to start this year?

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