Reread Review: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Romance, 365 pages, published in 2016

Ever since their first day of work together, Lucy and Joshua have been playing the hating game. They are constantly bickering and trying to one up each other and are sworn enemies. But when only one of them can get a big promotion that’s come up, the dynamic between them changes and maybe they don’t hate each other after all.

Spoiler Free Review:


I read this book in 2018 and I absolutely loved it! However, it was one of the first adult romances I read, so I was never really sure if I just loved it because I had nothing to compare it to or if it really was just that good. It turns out it really was just that good!

I listened to the audiobook this time around and I could not stop listening! I stayed up late listening, I could barely stop after listening at the gym on my lunch break, I even listened on my way to and from work, which I don’t normally do.

This book hits a lot of my favorite tropes: hate to love, office romance, caring for the other when one is sick, and a good height difference.

I did notice during this reread that not much time goes by in this book. Normally, this would bother me, but Josh and Lucy have been working side by side together for a year, so they already know each other. Nothing about it feels rushed at all to me.

I really enjoy the intimate scenes in this book. The emotions and the connection between Josh and Lucy are the most important parts of the scenes.

After reading this, it made me realize how much I didn’t like 99 Percent Mine, the author’s other book, in comparison. The couple in that book just didn’t have the same level of connection as Josh and Lucy, in my opinion.

I am so happy I reread this! It bodes well for my goal of rereading more books this year. Rereading can be scary because I know I hype some books up in my head, and I don’t want my fond memories to not match with reality. This book was just as good as I remember it being!

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