Starsight (Skyward #2) by Brandon Sanderson

Six months after saving her people from destruction, Spensa is a pilot in the Defiant Defense Force. She is trying to fight back even harder at the Krell, humankind’s alien jailers, when she finds a way to gain an enormous amount of technology and knowledge from their enemy.

Spoiler Free Review:


Skyward was the book the originally got me interested in Brandon Sanderson and I really enjoyed it when I read it in January and again in December of last year. While I enjoyed this book, I didn’t contain all of the things I loved from the first one.

Initially, I was annoyed because I feel like Brandon went a little heavy on recapping the information from the first book. If I hadn’t just read the first book though, I would have appreciated it more.

I loved the characters and budding friendships in the first book, but in this one, Spensa goes somewhere alone, so we got to see almost no interaction with her friends from the DDF. Instead, she goes on to make new friends, but I couldn’t really get attached to them because I was already attached to her original friends.

There was a lot more worldbuilding in this book. The first book is contained to one planet, which I liked, but we get to learn more about the universe in this book. On one hand, I liked it because learning about different alien species was cool, but on the other, I missed the contained setting of Spensa’s planet. The transition from a contained world to an entire universe was a little abrupt for me.

The aliens were probably my favorite part of this book. We get to know quite a few different species of alien, not all of them humanoid! There was so much care put into creating alien species. They were all really different from one another and they were all very different from humans. There was an extra effort to address gender pronouns in this, which I really appreciated. A lot of aliens go by ‘they’ because the idea of male and female is a very human thing.

So, there is a little bit of romance in this book. I had picked up on some romantic hints in the first book and I was into it, even if these characters remained friends. However, I needed more development from their relationship. If it continues in subsequent books, I’m going to see more from them. Otherwise, I really like their relationship and their dynamic! I just need to see more from them.

I enjoyed this book, but I am hoping that the next book in the series will get back to the stuff I loved about the first one.

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