One Day in December by Josie Silver

Contemporary, 390 pages, published in 2018

Laurie is on the bus home from a long day at work when she meets eyes with a man on the street. It is only for a few seconds, but it makes an impression on her. She spends the whole next year trying to find her mysterious bus boy, only to finally meet him when her best friend Sarah introduces him as her new boyfriend. From there, Laurie, Sarah, and Jack are woven into each other’s lives.

Spoiler Free Review:


I kind of bought this book on a whim because it was on sale for Black Friday and I had seen some people recommend it. It also has that illustrated cover that I love. Unfortunately, I didn’t love this book.

I knew the setup was a little ridiculous going in, but I had hoped that the book would compensate for that. Laurie and Jack base 10 years of feelings on that single moment that they met eyes. It didn’t feel like they ever developed more than a surface level relationship or had any sort of connection, even though they were insisting they did. I just wasn’t really rooting for them because I didn’t feel a connection between them.

I also didn’t really like Laurie or Jack as people. Jack honestly turned into a bigger and bigger asshole as the book went on. He did so many things that weren’t just bad for himself, but bad towards other people in his life.

I liked Sarah for the most part, but I do think she overreacted to things sometimes. She was the only character that I could really stand. In general, I don’t want my life to turn out like any of these characters.

There was a fair amount of focus on friendship and family in this book. I did enjoy those parts and they certainly made me the most emotional out of the whole book. I was left a little frustrated because I wish that time had been devoted to developing Jack and Laurie’s relationship.

Overall, this was just not the book for me. I kept reading because I was interested in what would happen next and how it would end, but now that I’m done, I feel like I can flush all memories of it out of my mind.

I was expecting a little more of a rom-com, not a sprawling story that had little in the way of romance. I thought it would be a fun winter book, but it just wasn’t.

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