Faker by Sarah Smith

Romance, 336 pages, published in 2019

Since the second Emmie met her coworker Tate, she believes he hates her. In turn, she has kept up her walls around him, but after being forced to work on a project together, will they see that it was a misunderstanding all along?

Spoiler Free Review:


I love hate-to-love relationships, so I was really excited when a friend recommended this book to me! I was a little hesitant going in because I had seen some bad ratings, but this book was overall pretty good!

I don’t think that Emmie and Tate were super unique characters, but they were fun to follow. Emmie has to pretend to be confident and unwavering at work because she works with mostly men. Tate is so quiet that he sometimes has a hard time communicating his feelings.

Hate-to-love romances are among my favorites to read because I love the tension. This one didn’t have the most tension in terms of the actual relationship, but there was a fair amount of sexual tension that I did enjoy.

One trope I adore is the one where one person takes care of the other while they are sick. There was an abundance of that in this book and I loved it! I love soft, tender moments like that. One trope that was in this book that I hate is toothbrush sharing. Truly, it’s so gross to me and I know it is supposed to be romantic, but I totally don’t see it that way.

Some of the dialogue was a little cheesy, but for the most part, I didn’t have a problem with it. I did think it would focus a little bit more on the workplace, since Tate and Emmie are coworkers and they really begin connecting during a work project.

Overall, this was a fun and cute romance! It wasn’t an all-time fave, but I definitely enjoyed it while I was reading it.

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