Reread Review: The Wicked King (The Folk of Air #2) by Holly Black

Fantasy, 326 pages, published in 2019

After raising Prince Cardan to the position of High King, Jude has control of him for a year and a day. In this time, she must figure out a way for him to keep the throne until her brother is old enough to ascend.

Spoiler Free Review:


Like with so many books lately, I reread this because the finale to the series was just released. I read this back in January, but the books in this series are such quick reads that I had forgotten what happened.

This series combines so many things that I love: faeries, a hate-to-love will-they-won’t-they romance, and shocking turns of events. The faeries in this series are just so interesting and dark and tricksy.

The first part of this book is a little slow to me. It just feels like it takes a little too long to build up the momentum for the second half. The second half is really good, so it makes up for the first half.

Jude is such a questionable person, but I found myself really liking her. This whole series is basically about things just getting way too big and out of hand for her to handle.

…I like him better than I’ve ever liked anyone and that of all the things he’s ever done to me, making me like him so much is by far the worst.

– pg. 146

Jude and Cardan’s relationship is probably the thing that keeps me so into this series. Sometimes they are so vulnerable with each other, but others, they are completely armored. I love the tension between them!

The ending of this book is such a shock! There is so much intrigue and scheming in the series overall, but the ending still came as a surprise for me.

I was really glad I reread this book before jumping into The Queen of Nothing, because it helped me reorient myself in the world and become acquainted with forgettable side characters again.

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