Reread Review: Thunderhead (The Arc of a Scythe #2) by Neal Shusterman

Sci-fi, 504 pages, published in 2018

After becoming a scythe, Citra tries to stop the growing corruption of the scythdom from within, while Rowan has become the infamous Scythe Lucifer after being denied his scythe ring. He has been finding corrupt scythes and killing them – truly killing them – and the Thunderhead has done nothing to stop him.

Spoiler Free Review:


As with Scythe, I enjoyed it the first time, but I loved it the second! I was initially hesitant to pick it up because it is kind of a chunky book, but once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

This book introduces a new character: Greyson. At first I didn’t really like him, but he grew on me. He gets marked as “unsavory” for saving scythe lives with information from the Thunderhead, so he must meet with someone each week in order to get rid of his unsavory status. However, the man he meets with wants him to go undercover and figure out who is trying to have scythes killed. This was such a cool bit of the story! In the first book, we don’t really get to see much outside of the scythedom, but this gives a look into the outsiders of this world, and just how controlled even the bad things are.

There are also new regions introduced, like Texas, that have different rules than the rest of the world. In Texas, pretty much anything goes and the Thunderhead monitors less than normal there. There is also Endura, which is the heart of the scythedom and is completely free of the Thunderhead. I thought Endura was really cool because you get to see how these post-mortal humans deal with things when the Thunderhead isn’t there to help.

One thing that drives me a little crazy about this series is that there is no limit on how many kids people can have, which is why the population keeps growing and scythes are necessary in the first place. There are some people who are genuinely good to their kids and want them, but then there are others like Greyson’s parents. His father is on his 5th family, while his mother is on her 3rd and he gets completely ignored by both of them. If there are people having kids just to have kids and then forget about them, why can’t there be something limiting those people? Obviously, this wouldn’t stop population growth, but it would slow it down.

There are so many twists in this book, but they all seem so realistic. The ending is one wild ride, but it all makes sense, while still being shocking. This book is also very plot-driven. I like the characters, but it’s the plot that stands out to me.

I am currently reading The Toll and loving it! I do think this will end up being one of my favorite series. I just love the moral questions is poses and I am continually shocked by the things that happen.

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