Twice In A Blue Moon by Christina Lauren

Romance, 358 pages, published in 2019

On a trip to London after high school, Tate meets Sam, a farmer from Vermont. They immediately hit it off and spend the entire two weeks of her trip together. Tate thinks it could be love, but then Sam reveals her biggest secret to the press: she is the daughter of a world famous actor. This single moment changes the course of Tate’s life forever, and when she meets Sam again fourteen years later, she deal with what happened.

Spoiler Free Review:


Christina Lauren’s books tend to be one of two things for me:
1. Absolutely amazing, one of the best romances I’ve read
2. Enjoyable while reading, but ultimately, the problems outweigh anything I liked about it

Unfortunately, this book fell into the second category for me. It just overall felt like it focused on things that didn’t matter.

The first part of this book covers the entirety of Tate’s time in London. You get to know her and her grandmother, as well as Sam and his adoptive grandfather. I just felt like this part went on just a little too long. After getting to know 18 year old Tate, we get thrown into 32 year old Tate’s life and she is so different that it is a little jarring. Sam and Tate have an initial connection that is strengthened by spending time together, but I still don’t feel like it was love, so I didn’t need to spend that much time getting to know them as young people.

I would have much preferred if they did have a connection and a relationship for those two weeks, but then expanded upon it in the 14 years later section. It felt like their London experience was the only reason they were drawn to each other as adults, rather than something they could build off of. Fourteen years is a long time, so it just felt unrealistic that they would feel the same connection right away because both of them were different people at this point in their lives.

There was also a ton of stuff about Tate’s dad. I just didn’t care. He was not a good person and there was never any real closure with him anyway.

It was enjoyable while I was reading, but I don’t think I will ever really think about it again and I certainly won’t read it again. I’m still a huge fan of Christina Lauren’s, but this was just a miss for me. I can’t wait to see what they write in the future!

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