The Struggles of a Mood Reader

I was packing for a vacation recently and I had such a hard time deciding which books to bring with me. What if I didn’t want to read any of the books I brought? Then it hit me that this is such a mood reader problem! I am totally a mood reader and a lot of the time, it annoys me because I love schedules and order, but when it comes to reading, all bets are off. Here are some of the things I go through as a mood reader.


I have a pile of books on my nightstand that I’ve started, but put down for some reason. Usually, if I start reading them when I’m not getting the right vibes from the book, I won’t have the motivation to get to reading it, which leads me to abandon it on my nightstand. Sometimes I will go back and finish one of these books, but usually, the nightstand is where books go to get DNF’d.


I like to keep my unread books in order of when I got them, so I can try to make sure nothing is sitting around unread for too long. If I were not a mood reader, I would always be reading the book I’ve had the longest. That isn’t my reality though. I will pick up a book I just purchased because I am feeling it more than anything else I have to read. I want to be better about this, but my brain won’t let me.


As I am thinking about it, this is the reason that I didn’t enjoy a lot of what I read in school. Because I wasn’t feeling the required reading at the moment I had to read them, I began to resent them and that made me want to read them even less. This also happens when I have to read something before a certain date now, like for a book club or a scheduled review. It really impacts how much I end up enjoying a book.


This is the entire reason I was thinking about mood reading in the first place! It is so hard to know what books to bring on a trip, so I end up bring way too many because I want to cover all my bases and bring a diverse selection of books. It would be a lot easier if I enjoyed ebooks, but I am stuck with having a suitcase that is half books and half everything else I need.


Most of the time when I have to pick what to read next, I sit and stare at my books for so long before I make a choice. I want to pick the one that has that vibe, that feels right. If I pick wrong, it will either take me forever to read, or it will end up on the nightstand of death. I can’t even describe how much I think this decision through, going through pros and cons of each book, picking it up, flipping through it, and still not being able to make a decision. I read about 10 books a month, so you’d think I’d be better at choosing what to read next since I do it so often!

Huge shout out to anyone who isn’t a mood reader! You are living the life I wish I could. What problems do you have as a mood reader?

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5 thoughts on “The Struggles of a Mood Reader

  1. I totally feel you on a lot of these, especially on the interrupted tbr. Most of the books I own but have yet to read have been just sitting there for years because I always want to read everything I just bought (I made a challenge to motivate myself to read more of these and so far I’ve made some (slow) progress.)

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  2. A big problem I have ties in with your TBR problem. Whenever I stop reading a book because my mood doesn’t match I have to reread the parts I already read when I finally get back to it. Also rereading! If I’m not feeling a book on my shelf I might just reread an old favourite all the while buying new books I want to read so my TBR just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

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