Reread Review: Bring Me Their Hearts (Bring Me Their Hearts #1) by Sara Wolf

Fantasy, 370 pages, published in 2018

Synopsis: Zera is an immortal Heartless warrior for the witch who owns her heart. She is sent to Vetris to take Crown Prince Lucien’s heart, turn him into a Heartless, and stop a war against the witches, all in return for her most desired prize – her own heart.

Spoiler Free Review:


I initially picked this book up last year based on the cover without knowing a thing about it and I read it in one day and absolutely loved it! I was a little worried going into the reread because I was afraid I wouldn’t like it as much, but if anything, I liked it even more!

There are definitely some points in this book, mostly dialogue or word choice, that can be a little bit cheesy, but overall, it is just so fun and addicting. Zera hears her inner voice, which is in bold, italics, and later on, alternating cases, and that definitely got a little distracting as well.

There are two things men will always believe about a woman: that she’s stupid, and that she’s weak. Today, as every day, I am neither of these things.

pg. 262

I wouldn’t say that there is a ton of world building, but there are cool details, like the makeup trends and the multiple moons, that give this book a definite vibe of being different from our world. There are also a variety of different races of sentient beings in this world, which I always love.

I really love the romance in this book! It hits all the right points for me, and even though it takes place in a short amount of time, it is so addicting! I like Lucien as a character a lot as well. He does have a hard exterior, but he really does want to do what is right.

Fight with everything you have, everything you are. Everything that is left of you – battle with it. Fight by the moonlight, the starlight, whatever faded hope you can find at any moment – cling to it. Embrace the smallest of lights, and never stop fighting.

pg. 281

I also really love Zera’s relationship with her mentor and pretend aunt, Y’Shennria. She has been hurt in the past by a Heartless, but she still takes Zera in. At first, it is definitely just to reach her goal, but I loved seeing their relationship develop past that.

I do know that the sequel has to do with the valkerax, a magical creature in this world, so it was cool to see where it popped up in this first book! When I first saw the description for Find Me Their Bones, I was confused because it seemed out of nowhere, but there were definitely adequate mentions of valkerax in this book.

This book is overall just so fun and easy to read, in a way that makes you not want to put it down. I am so excited to read the sequel, which just came out! If you are looking for a fun, easy, romantic fantasy, give this book a shot!

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