Checking in on My 2019 Reading Goals

I made a super informal list in a random notebook near the beginning of this year outlining my reading goals for the year. Since we have just about two months left of the year, I wanted to check in and see what goals I have reached and which I can try to do better on by the end of the year! Most of these are not super quantifiable, but I think I have a pretty good feeling on whether or not I think I could do better.


In 2018, I read 127 books, so I set my goal this year to 100. Currently, I have read 96 books! I will definitely meet this goal by the end of the year. I don’t think I will surpass my tally from last year unless I really a bunch of graphic novels between now and the end of the year. My Goodreads goal isn’t super important to me because I would rather read good books than a lot of books, but is still nice to see that I am 14 books ahead on my goal. I knew that it would be pretty realistic if I kept my same reading pace up.


I really wanted to make it a point this year to reread books when the sequel comes out. I made this mistake a few times last year, specifically with Warcross by Marie Lu, and it worked out well for me to reread The Cruel Prince by Holly Black in January when The Wicked King came out. I tend to forget a lot of side characters and side plots, so if I don’t reread the book before the one being released, I tend to get confused and that taints my opinion of that book. So far this year, I haven’t done that with Lady Smoke by Laura Sebastian and Kingsbane by Claire Legrand and I regretted it. There are tons of sequels coming out this month, so that’s when this goal is really going to come into play. It’s stressing me out to just think about how much rereading I’m planning on doing, but they are all series I’m enjoying, so I am excited to be able to refresh myself and continue on with them!


I’ve never been a big nonfiction reader because it has always seemed so dull and dry to me. I was into memoirs about North Korea a few years ago and I really appreciated what I learned from them, so I wanted to read more, both similar to that and different. Since the beginning of the year, I have read only two nonfiction books. I am currently in the middle of one and have another on my TBR. This will bring me up to a total of four for the year. I think I am pretty happy with this. I know it isn’t a lot, considering how much I read, but it’s a start.


By this, I mean that I wanted to read from different genres that are out of my comfort zone. The majority of what I read is fantasy, followed by romance. I absolutely love these genres, but sometimes, it is nice to discover something you didn’t know you’d love. I’ve tried more historical fiction this year, most of which was not for me, but I have found some favorites, like A Sky Painted Gold. I’ve read a bit more science fiction than normal, which I have mostly enjoyed. I tend to stay away from space stuff, like The Illuminae Files because it confuses me, but I have enjoyed some books like that this year. I would still love to try some thrillers, but I don’t really know where to start and I have a lot on my plate already. I don’t think I will be doing much of this for the rest of the year, since I will mostly be catching up on new releases.


I really wanted to finish or catch up with series as soon as I could. I just don’t want to give myself the chance to forget the details. I currently have only four series with books out that I haven’t read. I think this is pretty good! I also want to finish series before starting new ones. I have definitely been putting off picking up books that are the first in a series recently.

What were your goals for 2019 and what can you do to get them accomplished by the end of the year?

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