My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

Romance, 384 pages, published in 2018

Synopsis: After finding out that they need a date to an important event, Millie, Reid, and their friends all join an online dating service. Millie and Reid have been just friends, but one night, they accidentally sleep together. It means nothing until Catherine, Millie’s online dating persona, and Reid hit it off.



I have read the majority of Christina Lauren’s books at this point, so I kind of knew what to expect. Their books fall into two categories: amazing and just fine. Unfortunately, this one was just fine for me.

My biggest hang up on this book was that Millie lies to Reid. She knows she is talking to him on the dating app, but he doesn’t know that it’s her. It dragged on way too long. I think it would have been really cute if they both didn’t know who the other was. Unfortunately, it just came off as kind of gross.

Another problem that I had was that Millie and Reid’s three friends were the same in my head. They didn’t have distinct enough personalities for me to bother remembering who was who.

I thought the main characters weren’t very interesting. Their romance was fine.

One positive thing this book did, which I wish I saw more of, was that Millie goes to see a therapist. This happened at the very end of the book, though it isn’t really a spoiler because I won’t say why she went. I just appreciated that she realized that something wasn’t quite right, so she sought help.

To be quiet honest, nothing in this book really stood out to me. I’m writing this review a few weeks after reading the book, and already I’m forgetting many of the details. I did mostly enjoy it while I was reading it, but I don’t think I would ever pick it up again.

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