Books That Inspired My Love of Reading!

I can associate pretty much every period of my life with some book obsession or another. I think these series are what really inspire my love of reading! They can transport me to another world and I can freak out about them with my friends.

The Earliest Years (age 6-8)

The first series I remember being absolutely obsessed with was Harry Potter! I think a lot of people around my age can relate to this. I was the prime age to grow up with Harry Potter, so it really is the basis of why I love reading and my love for fantasy. My mom introduced me to the series, despite not being a reader herself, when I was in 1st grade. She would read it to me until I was able to read them on my own, and we’ve listened to all of the audiobooks together with the rest of my family. As many issues as I have with the series and J.K. Rowling now, I can’t let go of my nostalgia and love for this series because it really, truly shaped me a person.

The Early School Years (age 9-11)

Another book series that I listened to a lot on audio with my family was A Series of Unfortunate Events. Those books were just such a good time, despite being very depressing! I recently reread the whole series at the same time as my brother because of the Netflix adaptation of the series. It’s one of the things that we can reference to each other. I even held a grudge against one of my classmates for years because she spoiled one of the books for me!

Heartland defined my late elementary school years! My best friend and I were super into horses, so these books were perfect for us. I would just sit an read an entire one in the afternoon after school!

The Middle School Years (age 12-14)

I really think middle school was the height of my book obsessions, or at least, a lot of them overlapped in these three years. I was going into 8th grade in 2008, which also happened to be the same year that the last Twilight book came out. This was another series that happened to be huge when I was the target age. Saying I was obsessed was an understatement. I had a notebook full of quotes, I would write in the title font, I got my teachers interested and lent them my books, and I dressed up as a vampire for Halloween.

I also really loved the Eragon books! Book three in the series, Brisingr, was released in 2008, so that reignited my obsession. Carrying around those massive books was a struggle in middle school when we weren’t allowed to use backpacks to go from class to class! And yes, I would bring books to class to read when I was done with my work, which I definitely got in trouble for.

Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books were my first introduction into my favorite thing: fantasy romance! I remember being so excited and scandalized by the romance and the briefest mentions of sex in these books! I loved each quartet, but I also loved seeing old favorites appear in each new series. There were three quartets and a duology at the time, so my friends and I had 14 whole books to freak out about.

The High School Years (age 15-18)

I honestly didn’t read as much in high school. This was probably because I had more school work and more reading for class, so I didn’t want to read more for fun. This trend continued through college.

However, there were a few series that I really enjoyed during high school. The Hunger Games was another series that was perfectly timed for me to enjoy. The movie came out when I was in 12th grade, so a bunch of my friends were reading the books beforehand. Because of this, Divergent was also fairly popular, so I read that as well. I also read the Vampire Academy series in high school, which I loved!

The Recent Years (age 19-present)

I really didn’t read during college. These were my peak anime/KDrama watching years, so it didn’t leave much time for books. I had to read a lot of scientific papers and textbooks for school, so I didn’t want to read more (subtitles didn’t count, apparently).

After college, it took me a long time to find a job, so I was kind of sitting around with nothing to do. I realized that during college, I missed out on a ton of books that had been released. This was when I started going to the library and I happened to pick up Throne of Glass. I read the whole thing in one night! It actually happens to be two years ago today, August 18th, 2017. This series was all that I had to look forward to (because I had to wait for the copies to be returned to the library) at a time where I literally had nothing else going for me.

After years of not really reading, this reignited my love for books that hasn’t dwindled since. I read over fifty books in the second half of 2017 and over 120 in 2018. I just can’t get enough. They make me laugh and cry, they take me away from reality, they make me think about my own situation.

Books really are just so important to me. They’ve been in my life since I can remember and I would not be the person I am today without them.

2 thoughts on “Books That Inspired My Love of Reading!

  1. What a lovely post! Lucky that you were able to be present and at the optimal ages for so many huge series like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight. I used to be a massive bookworm and took a massive break due to anime/asian dramas as well lol, have finally recaptured my love of reading in the past couple of years.


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