Recent Graphic Novel Reads!

I have read quite a few graphic novels lately, but I haven’t figured out how I want to incorporate them into my blog. I doesn’t feel right to do a whole review on them, so I decided to do a round-up type of post instead, featuring all of the graphic novels I’ve read lately. Good thing they’ve all been amazing!

Check, Please!

This hockey-based graphic novel took me by surprise! I don’t like hockey, but it follows a hockey-playing, pie-baking, vlog-making young man nicknamed Bitty. He is the absolute cutest! It follows his freshman and sophomore years at college. It is in a vignette style, but everything is connected and in chronological order. I really like the art style as well!


I think this is my least favorite of the graphic novels I’ve read, but I am eagerly awaiting the release of the third volume this month! It is all about a fencing team at a boy’s school. So far, the two released volumes have not covered much time, so we get to see a lot of what happens in a couple days. I was originally drawn to this one because of the art style!


Yet another graphic novel that features sports, but this time, rugby! The art in this one is all black and white, which I ended up loving. The style overall is pretty casual. The story is absolutely adorable! Nick and Charlie are the absolute cutest!

The Tea Dragon Society

I think this is technically marketed as a kid’s book, but oh man, it is so cute! The art style is nice and cute and story is also super cute. It is a little short, so I do wish it was longer! I can’t get enough of it though, and I want my own tea dragon.

The Prince and The Dressmaker

The art style of this one is not my favorite, but the story is so sweet! I think this is the only one on the list that is just one volume, but it is on the longer side. I think it explores some important things and it is so fun. It definitely had me tearing up!

What are some graphic novels you love? I’m always looking for more cute ones like these!

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