Kingsbane (The Empirium Trilogy #2) by Claire Legrand

Fantasy, 608 pages, published in 2019

Synopsis: Following the events of Furyborn, both Rielle and Eliana, one thousand years apart, believe that they are the Sun Queen, prophesied to save the world from the angels.

Spoiler Free Review:

I read Furyborn in the fall and I really enjoyed it, so I was really looking forward to Kingsbane. However, once it was time for me to actually read it, I kept feeling hesitant and kept putting it off. I think this was mostly due to the length and my opinion of Claire Legrand as a person.

I think this book does a decent job recapping the first book, but there were definitely some characters that I didn’t really remember and had to piece together who they were. Rielle’s storyline was easier to remember than Eliana’s, in my opinion.

One thing this book does a little differently than the first one is that there are new POV chapters. In the first book, it is only alternating Eliana and Rielle chapters, but some new characters have chapters in Kingsbane. I had heard about this before starting the book and I didn’t know how I felt about it, but after reading it, I understand why they were necessary. They showed events happening that Eliana and Rielle might not be witnessing, but were still important to the story.

I think the beginning of this book was so slow, or at least, it took me a long time to get through it. I do think it picked up towards the middle, once I got more acquainted with the characters and the plot. The ending was wild and it left me stunned and speechless.

One of my favorite parts about this book was probably Eliana’s relationship with her brother! It is so good and pure, and even though they go through some stuff in this book, it’s just so nice to read about. I also really enjoy Rielle’s side of the story. Because of Eliana’s POV and the beginning of Furyborn, we know how Rielle will end up, but it is interesting to see how events and her decisions shape how she becomes that person.

A little bit of a warning: this book contains a lot of sex. I was actually surprised by how much it was mentioned. Most of the time, it was kind of just mentioned that characters were having sex or it was a fade to black situation, but there definitely were some longer, more descriptive scenes. There is also a fair amount of swearing, so if either of these are things that you don’t enjoy reading about, I might pass on this book. On the spectrum of ages that YA books are intended for, this is definitely on the older end. For a comparison, I would say this is on par with most of Throne of Glass sex scenes. I will say, this is not me complaining about these scenes in any way because I did enjoy them.

I really like Claire Legrand’s writing! Normally, I can find a few things about the writing of a book that I don’t like, but honestly, there is nothing about the writing I had an issue with!

I am really ready for the final book in this trilogy! The ending had me reeling and I need to know the answers behind what happened.

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