Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Romance, 400 pages, published June 11th, 2019

Synopsis: Georgette has had a crush on her brother’s best friend Travis, a baseball star, for as long as she can remember. When he moves back into town after leaving the big leagues, disgraced, he starts working at Georgie’s family’s construction company. Georgie has always been defined by other people – the baby of the family, her brother’s sister, the town’s resident clown, but she’s ready to be her own person. Travis needs to look more wholesome than his reputation leads the public to believe in order to get a job, he and Georgie pretend to date in order to get both of them what they want.

Non-Spoiler Review:

The cover on this one got me! If you look at all the romance books I read, they all have these cute illustrated covers because I love them! I know a lot of people said they thought the cover was misleading, but I didn’t really think it was.

I’m starting to feel like a lot of the romances I’m reading blend together in my head, they are becoming kind of dime a dozen to me. This one kind of falls into the enjoyable but forgettable category for me. I liked some of the themes, but overall, it just wasn’t unique enough for me to remember it.

A warning if you are planning on reading this book: the sex scenes are pretty steamy. If you aren’t used to that, it could definitely be a little shocking. I feel like a lot of that is because of the amount of dirty talk in these scenes. I heard so many people say this was the steamiest book they’ve ever read, so I was prepared for that, but honestly, I’ve read steamier. I will say, they were pretty long scenes, which I appreciate and I did enjoy them!

I thought Georgie was interesting. I didn’t really feel a connection to her because I thought her occupation as a clown was weird (sorry) and I didn’t relate at all to her desperately wanting kids. Those two things are intertwined, and they are both a big part of her personality, so I couldn’t really bring myself to care about her career or hopes and dreams. I believe it was stated that she is 23 years old in the book, so I thought I could relate (I’m 24), but it felt like she was way older than that! I did enjoy her struggle and growth to become her own person though.

Travis was…fine. I felt like he kept going back and forth on feelings and decisions without much thought. I don’t feel like he really had enough time to change and grow.

The thing I really loved about this book was the group of girls that formed. They were really there for each other and supported each other through everything. It was really nice to see. They all kind of broke free of how others defined them in relation to the people they knew (example: someone’s wife, someone’s daughter).

The ending was pretty rushed in my opinion. Like I said above, Travis made some decisions with almost nothing leading up to them. I just wanted a little more from that whole situation.

Overall, this was a good romance. It definitely wasn’t my favorite, but I enjoyed it while I was reading it.

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