Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Romance, 423 pages, published May 14th, 2019

Synopsis: After being involved in a disaster at a royal wedding, First Son of the United States Alex must pretend to be friends with His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales in order to keep international peace. However, Alex soon realizes that they stopped pretending and that he even may have feelings bigger than friendship for the prince.


Oh man, I feel like the hype precedes this book! I saw it everywhere before its release, so I figured I had better get on board. I haven’t stopped hearing about it since its release, and honestly, the praise is well deserved.

This is fairly long for a romance novel, and I did think it dragged a bit in the middle, but I definitely liked the length of it. I thought everything had enough time to develop and different situations had time to resolve. My recent romance complaint has been that endings feel rushed, so I’m happy to say that I don’t feel that way about this book!

My absolute favorite thing about this book was the relationships, both the main romantic relationship, as well as all of the platonic and familial relationships that were presented. Especially on Alex’s end, he always had such a large group of family and friends around him who supported him and gave him the cold, hard truth when he needed to hear it.

I really enjoyed that a lot of Alex and Henry’s relationship developed through texting and email. I love that trope, so I was super happy to see it used in this book. I think it is just an interesting way to have characters interact.

I think the writing of this book was modern without being too much. A lot of times when authors try to write about young people in today’s world, it comes off as just too many cringey pop culture references, but I think Casey McQuiston did a really good job with making it sound realistic. The characters are in their early twenties, and I am in my mid-twenties, and I would definitely talk and act similar to these characters.

Oddly, I kind of liked the political side to this book. Normally, I want to get as far away from politics as I can. I was a little scared going into this book because it feels kind of like a world that could have been – a female president with biracial kids, openly gay politicians, ect. Honestly though, the ending left me feeling hopeful about what the world could be. The world is not like that right now, but nothing will change if we don’t have hope for the future.

Normally, I’m just in romance books for the romance, but I really enjoyed this entire story and all the pieces of it! I’m glad I saw it all over social media because this is definitely one of my favorite releases this year!

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