The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Romance, 432 pages, published May 14th, 2019

Synopsis: While attending her sister’s wedding as the maid of honor, everyone gets food poisoning except for Olive and the best man, her arch nemesis Ethan. Not wanting to waste the ten day honeymoon that her sister had planned, Olive and Ethan go to Hawaii together and have to pretend to be a newlywed couple.


The cover, the synopsis, the tropes, the author, all drew me to this book. I feel like I’ve been on the Christina Lauren train lately, but I do really enjoy their books!

I thought the romance in this was super cute! I love the banter that Olive and Ethan had, and they were genuinely funny sometimes. I adore fake relationships because it is so fun to see people fake it until they either realize that they aren’t faking anymore or they don’t want to continue faking it. My favorite parts were when one of them would let slip that maybe they don’t hate each other as much as they thought they did.

I thought the plot was fine. There were some things that I thought were pretty ridiculous, like everyone getting food poisoning ( specifically that scene, not the fact that everyone got sick except for the main characters) and who they meet at the resort, but it all was fun. It didn’t go any deeper than a typical romance novel plot does, which I was prepared for and was fine with.

I really liked Olive. Everything is just going so wrong in her life, and even though everyone says she’s a pessimist, I don’t think she was as down as she could have been. I thought she was really relatable! I feel like in romance a lot, the main characters have these super flashy, ideal jobs and everything is going right for them, so it was refreshing to hear a story where that wasn’t the case.

The one thing I had any issue with was the ending. I think Christina Lauren’s books have great setup, fun characters, and steamy scenes, but they are almost always lacking in the ending for. There will be really great progression and pacing, then everything gets wrapped up so quickly and sometimes, unexpectedly. This book in particular felt really fast at the end. I would have liked more from the characters in terms of sorting out what happens in the climax. This wasn’t a huge issue, since I obviously gave the book 5 stars, but it is something that I would like to see them work on in future books.

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