The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

Romance, 320 pages, published in 2018

Synopsis: Alexa and Drew get stuck in an elevator together on the eve of Drew’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding – that he might have to attend alone. By the end of their elevator experience, he has convinced Alexa to go with him to the wedding as his fake girlfriend. But what will happen when they realize their attraction isn’t fake?

Non-Spoiler Review:

Oh man, where do I even start with this one? It was a total impulse buy for me! The cover is exactly what usually draws me in and the description mentioned a fake relationship, which if you read my best and worst tropes post, you’d know is my absolute favorite thing. I think impulse buys can be fun, because then you don’t go in with any preconceived notions, other than what you can gather from the cover and the blurb. This could have been really great, but unfortunately, it was not.

When I started reading, I thought the book was fine, and it had room to develop, so it was feeling like a 3 star book to me. By the middle though, it was just so tedious and repetitive that it had fallen to a 2 star book. I figured I would just push through and finish it, but oh man, it dropped to a 1 star in that last section.

The aspect of this book that took me by surprise the most was the sex. I look forward to steamy scenes in adult romance, so this book was such a letdown. The descriptions were so PG. Nothing was referred to specifically and it was weird. I can understand not wanting to have explicit sex in a book, but a fade to black would have served so much better than these scenes. I wish I counted how many times there were actual sex scenes because there were so many.

My other problem with the sex was that it seemed like a substitute for an actual relationship. The sex was just so good, so there was never too much focus put on their conversations. Every time Alexa and Drew see each other, it is just a marathon of sex and food. There was really no substance to why they were interested in each other, aside from the fact that they were attracted to each other. There were times that they were trying to have a serious conversation and Drew would just get so distracted by Alexa’s boobs that he wouldn’t pay attention to what she was saying anymore. There was even a point about halfway through the book where Drew didn’t know who Alexa’s friends were because they had never talked about it. Halfway through!

This couple was so into each other that they completely forgot about or blew off their friends. They do only get to see each other once a week, but come on guys. A relationship does not get to trump every other aspect of your life. Drew’s reaction to Alexa’s friends was concerning. She has a male coworker and he is constantly jealous and not believing her when she says there is nothing between them. He even doesn’t trust her with Carlos, his friend who did his a huge favor and picked Alexa up from the airport for him. It was honestly unbearable to see him act like this.

The end of the book was just an absolute mess. There was some MAJOR miscommunication, a trope I really can’t stand. It wasn’t too surprising because they never had good communication to begin with, but it was still frustrating. At one point, Drew grabs Alexa’s hand and holds it so hard that she can’t get free, another trope I hate (thanks KDramas). There is a disagreement and it is definitely Drew’s fault, but he never really apologizes and he leaves Alexa feeling like it’s her fault. He did this a lot throughout the book, but this was by far the worst case. There was also a sex scene that I won’t spoil but it was very weird and it made me super uncomfortable.

I had some smaller issues here and there but I feel like I’ve already ranted quite enough about how much I did not care for this book. It was repetitive, boring, and honestly, just a bad book in my opinion. I know a lot of people praised it for portraying a biracial relationship, among other things, but it’s not worth it. Those small wins can not cancel out how much of a mess the rest of this book is.

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