My Reading Stats!

If you saw my monthly wrap up, you may have seen the statistics at the bottom about what I read that month. That is because I made a mega spreadsheet of all the books I’ve read since July 2017. I love stats and graphs, and the Goodreads graphs were just not cutting it, so I took matters into my own hands. Now that I have it all set up, it is easy to just add a book when I finish one.

I did use Google Sheets for this, so the graphs don’t look the best. It is SO hard to customize things there, especially for someone used to Excel. Some of them may be a little small, forgive me! But without further ado, here are some of my stats!

Starting off with some basic stats! I feel like rating and pages should be higher and time should be lower, but I guess not!

The Pies

Next up, what I’ve read by genre! I’ve made romance either contemporary or historical, just so that it is easier. Historical is 5 books (2.3%), memoir is 3 books (1.4%), and poetry is 4 books (1.9%).
Now by age category! If I had been keeping track of EVERY book I had read, kids would be much higher. I just didn’t have all the data I wanted for anything I’d read before 2017.
Here we have author gender! This is one I really wanted to see in graph form while I was making the spreadsheet, and I honestly can’t say I’m surprised. Women dominate YA, and since I have read mostly YA, this makes sense. The purple indicates books with two authors, one male, one female.
This is by format. As you can see, I love physical books, as well as audiobooks! Ebooks, not so much. Sometimes, I will listen to an audiobook, then actually read some of the book, hence the mixed category.
For the last pie graph, I have my ratings! I do tend to have a lot of 4 star books, and I am very stingy with the 1 stars. In fact, there is only one, and it is one of the novellas in The Selection series.


This one shows how many books I have read between certain page lengths! I really have read a lot between 300 and 450 pages, which seems like the average length of books.
Here I have books I’ve read by publication year! I was really shocked to see just how many books I read from 2018! I didn’t think I was that great at keeping up with new releases, but apparently, I’m not too shabby.
This is something I was very interested in graphing. It shows how many books I read per month, as well as how many pages I read per month. If I read less books, was I just reading longer books? Turns out, in general, I was just reading less overall! This is so interesting to me 🤓

There they are! I wanted to make more, but Google Sheets is really limiting. If I had Excel, I could do some cool stuff. What do you think your stats look like?

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