Review: An Enchantment of Ravens

Genre: Fantasy

Published: September 26th, 2017

Pages: 304

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Synopsis: For years, Isobel has been painting the fair folk. She is well known for her paintings because the fair folk themselves cannot make anything or they will crumble to dust. After a summer of painting Rook, the autumn court prince, Isobel adds the one thing that will make the painting perfect – human sorrow in Rook’s eyes. When this painting is unveiled in his court, it leads his people to question his power. Furious, he brings Isobel to the land of fairies to be tried, but many events put their journey off course.

Non-Spoiler Review:

I went into this book having heard some not so great reviews, so my expectations were low, but I ended up really enjoying it!

The whole book is in first person for Isobel’s point of view. I think this worked well, as it does for other fairy books, because the reader gets to experience this new, magical world for the first time along with the main character. I love fairies, if that wasn’t obvious from my blog name, and the fairies in this book were definitely cool! They were similar to the fair folk in Holly Black’s books; they can’t lie, but they can still make deceptive deals, they can’t touch iron, and they use glamours. One thing about them that is unique is that they cannot create anything, from paintings to food, clothes, or even writing.

The plot starts as Isobel getting to know Rook while she paints him, then progresses to their journey to the autumnlands, Rook’s home. However, once their journey gets derailed, there is a little while where they don’t have a purpose of destination, so it felt a little strange. After that part though, they find their purpose once again.

I liked Isobel and Rook as characters, but honestly nothing about them stood out to me. As I am writing this review, it has been about a week since I finished the book, and even in that short amount of time has really faded my memory of them. I did think the romance was pretty cute, though I would have liked more development.

I think my biggest problem overall was the lack of development that could have been fixed if this book was just a little longer. There was more that could have been said about the characters and the world. The book was barely 300 pages, so it definitely could have been longer.

Overall, despite wanting more, I really enjoyed this book! I think the descriptions of the fairy land and the romance made this book a nice, quick read! I do really want to read Margeret’s next book, A Sorcery of Thorns, because she has a nice writing style.

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