Review: Skyward

Genre: Science Fiction

Published: November 6th, 2018

Pages: 510

Review: ★★★★★

Synopsis: Set on a planet where the sky is blocked by space trash and aliens attack, Spensa dreams of being a pilot. However, her father was branded as a coward, which makes the already difficult task of being a pilot even harder. Along her journey, she meets new friends and learns some hard and unexpected truths about her father and the planet they inhabit.

Non-Spoiler Review:

There were so many things I was unsure of going into the this book: Brandon Sanderson’s writing (this is my first Sanderson book), the science fiction genre, a male author writing a teenage girl. But all my fears were quelled because I ended up really loving this book.

Normally, I get very confused by science fiction terms because it is not a genre I read frequently, but pretty much everything was explained in a way that I could understand. I think the setting was very interesting. Most people have to live underground because the Krell (the alien species) can attack people living on the surface too easily. It is also known that another group of people lived on this planet beforehand, because there are giant layers of rumble surrounding the atmosphere of the planet. The people of this world don’t know much about it, so it was interesting to discover new information along with them.

The main character Spensa is very confident, dramatic, and strong. At first, I was pretty annoyed with her because she says some very dramatic things, but I really enjoyed seeing her grow and really figure out what was important to her. The side characters weren’t forgettable, but they definitely didn’t steal the show from Spensa.

There was quite a bit of action in the book, at least in terms of space fights. I did think the first half of the book was kind of slow, but once I got to the midway point, I couldn’t put it down. There isn’t much I disliked about this book, except for the fact that I have to wait for the sequel! The ending left me very curious as to what will happen in the rest of the series.

I think this is a good book for people not super familiar with science fiction, as well as people who want to get into Brandon Sanderson (not that I’ve read anything else by him yet, but I think it was a good way to get me more interested in him).


I thought M-Bot was so funny and I love him! He is what I wanted Aidan from the Illuminae Files to be. I also really ended up loving Jorgen, even though he was a Jerkface in the beginning. I think a possibly romance between him and Spensa would be really nice, although I do really enjoy them as friends.

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